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Solar potential cadaster

Solar energy potential cadaster can be utilized to assess a town's or region's potential for the production of solar power. A solar cadaster provides orientation, angle, irradiation and the potential of solar production for each rooftop. Furthermore, a annual solar power production can be calculated for single houses and even single roof areas. Also, the data can be combined with additional information, e.g. protected historical buildings, in order to further refine the potential analysis.

Combining data from LiDAR and aerial images with the help of other data sources can generate solar potential very accurately.


  • Sophisticated calculation based on 3D building models, digital surface model, digital terrain model, local shadowing (trees, neighboring buildings) and amount of sun irradiation
  • 2D, 2.5D or 3D building model + DTM + orthophoto
  • Data as GIS database
  • Possibility of publishing through web application (MapSoft geoportal)


  • Local authorities
  • Power companies
  • House owners and citizens
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