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Urban and spatial planning

In this growing phase of urbanization and industrialization there is an emergent need of proper town planning systems. There are many techniques which can be used for urban and spatial planning but the most accurate, fast, with the best price/quality ratio is LiDAR scanning combined with aerial imaging.

LiDAR surveying technology and digital orthophotos allow civil engineers and urban planners to create detailed 3D images of the surface of Earth. This technology has also been applied in urban settings. Highly detailed 3D models of cities are useful in a number of applications, including:
  • Military operations
  • Disaster management and recovery
  • City mapping
  • Simulating new building construction
  • Updating map data
  • Detecting urban environment changes

Before LiDAR technology, much of the current urban data wasn’t accurate enough for efficient urban planning. Now, urban planners can examine and identify issues in current urban areas and make accurate changes to build cities up for the future.


  • Cities in Republika Srpska
  • Base of artificial vertical obstacles in the vicinity of Trebinje airport
  • Wind power plant Crni Vrh
  • Ticino canton
  • Danube coastal area, Golubac
  • Urban planning maps, Mojkovac 
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