MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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Thermal imaging

This type of imaging includes the use of thermal cameras that captures data from the part of the spectrum not visible the human eye and refers to the infrared energy (heat) emitted by every object as a function of its temperature. The hotter the object, the more energy it emits. The thermal camera is basically a heat sensor that has the ability to detect very small temperature differences.

termalno 1

termalno 2

examples of simultaneous imaging by regular and thermal camera

MapSoft offers imaging by high-resolution thermal camera (from 10 - 50 cm) either stand-alone or in combination with simultaneous imaging by "classic" digital photogrammetric camera. Data coming from thermal camera can be used to environment protection, detection of anomalies in the functioning of technological networks and infrastructure (for example, detecting energy losses along the heating pipes or power lines), as well as monitoring irrational use of heating energy during the winter period.

As a final product, MapSoft produces digital orthophotos from thermal images, with higher or lower spatial accuracy (similar to RGB images).