MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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Topographic product for highway Preliminary design

In mid-September 2017, MapSoft completed the realization of a project for the development of topographic products for the needs of the Preliminary design of Belgrade - South Adriatic highway, section III: Požega - Boljare (border with the Republic of Montenegro) for the investor, China Communication Construction Company (CCCC).

Within the realization of geodetic - photogrammetric works, based on aerial and LiDAR imaging MapSoft produced digital orthophoto (DOF), digital terrain model (DMT) and topographic plans (DTP) of the area of interest.

This project has proven that simultaneous aerial and LiDAR imaging has no alternative when it comes to a method that can provide high-quality and up-to-date spatial data for the design in a very short time frame. Namely, the CCCC designers were able to start the design of the highway on this section only 25 days from the date of the aerial and LiDAR imaging, how much MapSoft needed to make DOF and DMT for 215 km2 (107 km length, corridor width 2km). In the next 95 days, DTP was delivered to the investor.

dtp dof

overview of DTP and DOF

Results of imaging and data processing:

  • Point cloud density: 15 pts/m2
  • DMT: manually edited breaklines and point cloud processing at photogrammetric stations / format: TIN & grid 1m
  • DOF: resolution 20 cm/pix
  • DTP: complete content for the scale 1:2500