MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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Digital orthophoto

Digital orthophoto (DOF) is a digital topographic base which has a great wealth of information registered on the photographic image and all measurement properties of topographic maps. By choosing the appropriate resolution of DOF ie. pixel size in the field, provides a level of detail and accuracy that is required for specific purposes. On the other hand, selection of proper altitude of aircraft means an optimal balance between demands for quality DOF and its price. 

MapSoft is the market leader in Serbia in DOF production, with over 35 % of the territory covered by orthophoto. These percentages are not included in the multiple imaging of big cities (Belgrade, Novi Sad) which is due to the higher level of development and change in the area orthophoto imaged repeatedly. Spatial queries and tracking the changes in the space based on two or more digital orthophotos obtained from imaging in different time periods are just some of the analysis.

 promene na digitalnom ortofotou

Changes recorded at digital orthophoto :: Belgrade 2003 : 2007 : 2010

Georeferenced DOF in digital format comes in a standard raster formats (TIFF, GeoTIFF, ECW, JPEG2000 ... ), acoording to the customer requirements. Thus supplied DOF can be easily integrated with other spatial data in all CAD or GIS software packages. Georeferenced raster images of DOF are connected to each other with no noticeable discrepancies of detail at the edges of raster images. The user can, in addition to DOF, order and analog products created based DOF ie. photomaps in standard and special sizes, with the possibility of integration of additional content (names, the streets, buildings, vegetation, contour lines... ).

Orthophoto can be made in sheets analog to scales of 1:1000, 1:2500 or 1:5000, but also adjusted to the imaged route (future highway route, gas or water pipelines. Corridor imaging allow division of sheets in the local coordinate system .