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About PhotoSoft

PhotoSoft is a software component of a product called 3DPhoto. It is a standalone software module of MapSoft 2007 system for the digital photogrammetric restitution. In early 90's MapSoft emerged as a natural extension of the development of the automation process of collecting data to the analog stereorestitucionim instruments ie. a module called PpcSoft. Recently, rapid development of hardware components made it possible to build inexpensive restitutions workstation.


PhotoSoft is developed as a stand alone Windows application. Although it is the module of Mapsoft 2007 it does not necessarily require interaction with other modules of the system. Like other modules of the system, PhotoSoft does not require any additional license to operate as it was fully developed by the experts of our company. 

Unlike most competing products PhotoSoft is not CAD-based program, but based on GIS concept. As a starting point for the development of OGC standard is taken for the implementation of Simple Feature Access (OpenGIS Implementation Specification for Geographic information - Simple feature access).