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MobTrack 24 is a system for fleet management, detecting irregularities in their use and automatically performs special tasks. It has been developed by the IT sector, thanks to the knowledge of geo and location based services, so it is possible to extend the functionality of the system, ie. solve specific and complex customer requirements

The system is a great solution for companies with their own fleet, but also for anyone who wants to improve vehicle control, quality of service and security, while at the same time reduce costs. 

It is successfully used in companies that have a need for precise knowledge of the location of their vehicles, as well as the ways in which fleet managed (speed, acceleration, hard braking), regardless of the industry, ie. industries which the company is involved or the number of vehicles in the fleet. 

System MobTrack:24 is in commercial use since 2008. since then it has been installed and used in over 120 companies, some of which are the largest brands in Serbia, and some of the best known companies in Europe.

The service unit is installed and customers support provided through the company Mobile Solutions Ltd.

More information about MobTrack 24 system can be found on the website of the company.