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About MapSoft 2007

MapSoft 2007 is an application that can satisfy even the most complex requirements in terms of data collection, processing and presentation of spatial data of large size. In addition, MapSoft 2007 can be used as general-purpose GIS software, for example, in projects where the expected large amount of spatial data, projects that are spread over a large territory, working with raster extremely large size - (digital orthophotos, maps in color, etc.), data distribution using the Internet / Intranet services, and so on.

MapSoft 2007 is software whose original purpose is handling digital content of largescale geodetic maps. That is why the main focus in the development is quality of geometry and topology of spatial data. Special attention was paid to support the collection and verification of spatial data.

MapSoft 2007 runs under Microsoft Windows operating systems. The software is characterized by the standard Windows user interface with many settings environment (menus, toolbars, "hot" keys, color adjustment interface elements, etc...).

Software concepts on which is MapSoft application based allowes MapSoft 2007 to run as Automation server that an object may include use in applications written in Visual Basic, C + + .NET and other development tools that they can use COM objects.

MapSoft 2007 does not rely on other commercial software and libraries, but is fully developed by a in-house team of authors. Accordingly, it does not include any additional licensing costs.