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Survey renewal of residential area

As in the field of rural area surveying, MapSoft introduced innovations in the implementation of the survey renewal of residential area, while remaining within the framework of existing regulations, maximize the benefits that carry a GIS, aerial photogrammetry and global positioning systems (GPS technology).

The methodology used is a combination of the following modes:

  • aerophotogrammetric methods,
  • polar methods and
  • Global Positioning System methods.

All data is collected digitally, with a centralized system of data collection and project management. As a basic software tool for collecting data digital photogrammetric stereorestitution is used photogrammetric station PhotoSoft, while the input data collected by polar method and GPS is entered in software MapSoft 2012. MapSoft 2012 is also used for field work and control the data collected. For one project, central database is set and all users whether they are working on the field, collecting data through PhotoSoft or MapSoft work directly on the data of that central database.

Actors and workflow in survey renewal in residential area

Project of survey renewal of residential area is carried out through the following stages: 

  • field work (defining the topology and geometry of content approximate DCO and DTP in the field collecting descriptive and control information)


Field work (geodetic expert equiped with PC tablet and MapSoft 2012)

  • positioning points (record the exact position of the decrypted points)

Positioning of points in PhotoSoft environment

  • review  of field work (digital sketches in PDF format directly generated from a central database). In terms of content and how the corresponding classical fotodrawings manually plotted

Digital photodrawing in Adobe Acrobat and entering the data to photodrawing (bellow)