The name of our company is associated with successful solutions in the field of GIS. Solutions and services are fully adapted to the user's needs ...

Realized GIS solutions

Many years of experience in the field of GIS, a system of quality control, latest technology used, professional staff dedicated to business, project leaders with experience in managing large-scale domestic and international projects, academic approach to solving real problems provide an opportunity to make a GIS solution that best expresses desires of clients.

 realizovane usluge

In addition to the traditional services of development of dedicated solutions tailored to specific client needs, MapSoft offers services in which users can choose the proven solutions. One GIS solution has its own life cycle, and for the success of the important services that the user can get, high-quality data on which the system is based, knowledge and experience of the people working on the implementation, and technical support that users can gain during maintenance solutions. 

Through the previous period, the company has implemented a number of specialized GIS solutions in different  areas of application. Some examples of these solutions are presented in more detail ...