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Implementation of GIS in the city of Vranje

GIS Vranje is an interactive portal on planning and how to use space in the area of Vranje. Interested users and those using public access, including professional users from the City administration and public companies, as well as citizens and other external users can easily access the data by using Geoportal. As the ultimate goal, the GIS implementation project has the establishment of eGovernment of the city, which will improve the quality and efficiency of services provided by local self-government and participating companies as beneficiaries to citizens and businesses. Establishment of a sustainable geoinformation system for the management of spatial and non-spatial data in the city of Vranje provides complete up-to-date information on the current state of the field, the possibility of reviewing, adding documents related to (assigned) to an object on the map, the ability to measure, print, take picture with the current look of the map , etc…

Today, GIS is the part of the City administration's business system managed by the Department of Information Technologies and Communications. The system is centralized, with a server database and web-based architecture.

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Location of interest for the investors (web portal)

GIS provides search and visualization of the database, spatial and attribute data, in accordance with access privileges, as well as the display of:

  • location available to investors and spatial and urban plans,
  • existing and planned optical network, access network, cable sewerage and other TK facilities,
  • existing and planned electricity network and facilities,
  • existing and planned water supply and sewage network and facilities,
  • existing and planned traffic network.

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