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GIS for substandard Roma settlements

Development of GIS for substandard Roma settlements was carried out within the framework of the project "We are here together - European support for Roma inclusion" which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the OSCE mission in Serbia (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).


Data on substandard Roma settlements were collected by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in order to create the preconditions for the formation of GIS databases necessary for efficient and effective investment decision-making action by the relevant Ministry. Mapsoft got administrative, statistical and cadastral data, as well as basic information about individual substandard Roma settlements (a total of 583 settlements). All these data - alphanumeric, vector and raster - were imported into the developed Geographic Information System based on intensive use of web technologies: distributed multi-layer client-server architecture, the system for easy and centralized maintenance, using thin web and GIS Web services and Web clients wherever possible, with enabled usage of data and GIS services by a large number of distributed users.

Intensive data processing (data entry and processing of large amounts of data, advanced spatial analysis) is carried out using GIS desktop software, while access to the data provided through its Web GIS applications (for an unlimited number of users, from any computer with Internet access, no restrictions in terms of OS and Web browser).


desktop GIS

Desktop GIS software (QGIS 2.8.1)

webGIS 1

The first page of web solution

Features of developed web GIS solutions (MapSoft Geoportal GS):

  • Interactive map with a combined vector and raster spatial data
  • Web based applications based on client-server architecture
  • Spatial and attribute queries
  • Drawing tools, add and changes in geometry that can be a layer with a lot of data
  • The client-server communication via web services and WMS interface
  • Options for optimized rendering (spatial indices, tiling, setting the level of details)
  • An unlimited number of licenses for access to the server (unlimited number of users)
  • Compatibility with standard web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  • An interactive table of content layers (legend) with the symbols of the layer
  • Spatial queries by clicking on the map or drawing a shape on a map, which leads to the display of selected attribute of spatial
  • Measurements on the map position, length and area
  • Server and client tile caching for faster display
  • Editing layer styles on the client side.

webGIS 2


 webGIS 3

Web GIS solution views