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Geocoding service

MapSoft performs a geocoding and reverse coding based on its own set of data or data being provided by the client. 

The process of geocoding involves joining spatial locations based on descriptive data (address, name,...), while the process of reverse geocoding is determination of an address or belonging to another physical entity by the given coordinates. 

Geocoding and reverse geocoding MapSoft performs in several ways: 

  • as one-on-demand services, 
  • periodical servic according to established procedures and 
  • on-line services via standard or mutually defined interfaces available on MapSoft server. 

Reverse geocoding service returns a formatted string with the nearest address given in WGS84 coordinates and relies on MapSoft address system in Serbia.

MapSoft has an enviable base of spatial data in the Republic of Serbia on the basis of which provides this service.