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Green areas cadastre in Niš

Development of public green areas cadastre in the city of Niš...

Cadastre of public green areas of the city of Niš is of great importance in the economic, managerial, planning and educational sense. The objective of the cadastre is to establish a comprehensive information system on public green areas in regular maintenance in the City of Niš and to determine the actual state of the green areas fund of the city, its spatial distribution, size and functionality.

Expected cadastre results refer to:

  • graphical and tabular presentation of system data
  • system data analysis
  • maintenance of system data
  • tracking records of activities on maintenance units
  • preparation of an annual plan of works on the arrangement and maintenance of public green spaces
  • planning a real budget
  • distribution of data via the Internet
  • system management as well as data exchange with other information systems.

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Last modified on Thursday, 19 December 2019 13:57