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Air Quality GIS for Belgrade

Contract on development and implementation of Air Quality GIS for the city fo Belgrade...

Air quality is one of the key indicators of environmental quality. Environmental protection measures are based on an analysis of existing data on air quality. Having in mind that urban plans are made for the entire territory of Belgrade, it is impossible to carry out continuous measurements of the air quality in the entire territory of the City, as well as that the assessment of the concentration of pollutants in a certain location is not easy to determine, there is a need for creation of information system to support the assessment air quality in the wider territory of the city.

Geographic information system which is the subject of this project (Air Quality GIS), which will be developed and implemented by MapSoft experts in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, will be based on spatial data for the territory of the project and modeling of air quality on the basis of existing international experience in the big cities. This system will establish procedures for providing relevant data in time, data processing procedures and software tools for efficient modeling of air quality on the basis of the existing temporal data, but also allow dynamic modeling based on projected solutions.

AirQualityGIS mapsoft

Air Quality GIS will be a central repository of available data on emissions and imissions of pollutants and related data, which must assist in decision making related to air protection measures taking into account the aspect of preserving and improving the environmental quality of the city. In this way, it will be possible to create the basis for the proper direction of the construction, the determination of measures and conditions of environmental protection in the planning area.

Also, Air Quality GIS will become part of the corporate system of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, primarily as a source of information necessary for efficient and argumented prescribing of conditions and environmental protection measures in the planning of Belgrade, as well as monitoring the implementation of the implemented measures.

Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade, for the realization of this project has a basic set of data that will be part of a Air qualiy GIS, namely:

  • Data on emissions of air pollutants;
  • Meteorological data;
  • Network of roads and streets with traffic load;
  • Cadastre of polluters;
  • Demographics;
  • Digital orthophoto