The most valuable part of MapSoft is a young and professional team providing professional services in design, development and delivery solutions. Our references and clients are our best reference ...

About company

... name
MapSoft name was used for the first time in 1991 as a name for the software prototypedeveloped to support the technology of digital geodetic map. Today it is a modern GIS software installed on more than 500 computers in the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and Macedonia. MapSoft name has become a trademark of the development team assembled on innovation of this software and its implementation.

... company
MapSoft Company Ltd was established in June 2002. Years of experience in software development, spatial data collection photogrammetric methods, the development and implementation of geographic information systems (GIS), as well as daily participation of the owner of the company in the current projects has resulted in a leadership position MapSoft Ltd in the field of geomatics. Quality control system that we introduced, use of the latest technology, project leaders with experience managing large-scale domestic and international projects, academic approach to solve real problems provide an opportunity to create a solution that best expresses the desires of our customers.

... our team

The most valuable part of MapSoft is a young and professional team which is able to provide professional service in the design phase and during the development and delivery solutions. Several PhD and MSc degrees, as well as high-quality experts in the field of geodesy and GIS, information technology, use the latest techniques and tools and are able to optimally solve the user's requirements. 

The company is equipped with modern hardware and software solutions, necessary for the execution of projects from start to final product.