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Implementing GIS in Institute for Biocides

A large amount of field data, which are mostly in analog form, and through which to monitor the impact of pests and rodents, as well as the needs of experts from the Institute for Biocides and Medical Ecology (www.biocidi.rs) to systematize their work and perform analysis of the data, led to joint cooperation in introducing GIS technology into the business processes of the Institute in this area. After completion of the analysis of business processes, designed the solution and subsequently developed and app that allows easy entry, visualization and review of the data collected, reporting, analysis and thematic mapping. 

As a GIS platform for advanced work with geospatial data and geoinformation CadCorp is used, a spatial and non-spatial data are stored Microsoft SQL Server 2012th database. 

Example of distribution of vectors based on field measurements in CadCorp SIS software: